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Oil man's four seasons of life

Time flies

The seasons

Those red figures

Interpretation of the spring and autumn to winter snow

In the alternation of seasons

Oilmen use the footprints of exploration to forge ahead

Measure every inch of land

Also treasure every gift of the season

There are also four seasons in one's life, and many poets and writers often compare them to life. The difference is that the experience of the past, not reincarnation.

The four seasons of life are the four seasons of struggle, which is exactly the true portrayal of our generation of oilmen. They bloom in their youth, youth, middle age, old age, this different life four seasons wonderful and charm.

In the spring of love

Spring, is full of vitality, spring breeze flowers and plants, birds singing, red dancing busy. Is the oil youth dream germination of the cradle.

Suddenly as the night spring breeze, thousands of trees pear blossom, red dress beautiful shadow during wear, seize oil production is not easy. Pear blossom cluster, oilman early farming, with action played a prelude to spring production.

The summer dream

Summer, red hot, twenty lang when the year of life is in the mood for love, they said goodbye to their parents, left home, with the ideal, spirited, came to the barren mountains, looking for footprints throughout the wilderness desert, mountain canyon. Young men are the age of beauty, but when he put on a red coat, and then put on a helmet, there is no fashion and noise of the city, a plenty of responsibility and dream. Dealing with oil and gas, pipelines and pressure all day long, the wind and sand blow red faces, split lips and wrinkle skin. When there is no signal, I have little contact with my friends and classmates. They are nicknamed as the lost people.

With the desert smoke and the loess plateau sand, they spread their dreams and pursuit on this red land. Hardship did not defeat them, but made young oilmen know more about responsibility, perseverance and perseverance. 

Lofty ambition is the firm oath of midsummer, let high flying dream render fiery youth.

Autumn tipsy.

Autumn, in people's impression is golden, the season of harvest. Through the passion of the youth, oil people less years of frivolous and angular, more years of hone and frustration precipitation under the calm and insight into the wisdom of the world. They have found their own piece of heaven and earth, harvest the results of their efforts.

Like middle-aged people all over the world, middle-aged oilmen are more likely to hold their families back. However, when they get to their posts, the top priority in their hearts is always work, because they cannot be distracted in high-risk jobs, and a little distraction may pay the price of blood and life. Only in his spare time can he think of his parents and children, and give his family a call: is his father better? How's mother? How is the child doing with his studies? How's she doing out there?

The charm of winter

In the middle of winter, flowers wither and trees dry up. They never forget to forge ahead in the cold wind.

Old, the back, can do, but in fact is not the case, oilman son's son also need to take care of, because the son daughter-in-law both work in the front line, take care of grandson is their bounden duty and responsibility, and only take good care of the grandson, children can put idea on the job, no trouble back at home, they can even more diligently work, more energy, the oilman all understand.

For most of the year, the residential area is surrounded by old people and children, which is rarely seen by young people, so please don't be stingy and give your love and care to oilmen and their "left-behind children".

The four seasons of life are different. Every oilman is doing ordinary and trivial things in his life in the four seasons, deducing different stories and wonderful lives.

Oil man in the circle of a dream, a dream in an ordinary position to write an extraordinary life.






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