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Do you regret choosing the oil industry

Oil is a special industry, far away from home, far from home, sometimes in the wild for a few months, a well is a guard for several years...

Some oilmen say they never have enough money to pay their salaries. Some oilmen say they miss their daughters and wish they could fly home.

Into such a special industry, oil people you regret it? As for this question, I collected the answers of front-line employees and selected the 12 most representative ones. Listen to the voices from their hearts.

Speaking from the heart, do you regret your choice of oil industry?


There is no regret. First of all, it is a profession, which requires the fulfillment of duties. Second, it is a responsibility, which is due to the trust of the owners. If the choice, may also choose this road, although bumpy rugged, but also unlimited scenery!


I am oil generation, the majority of our generation should not regret it! Just because I have worked in the oil field industry for more than ten years, I understand the hard work. I seem to have been used to it for a long time and feel it is a career.


I've been in the oil business for almost 20 years,

In retrospect,

With tears of sorrow,

There is the joy of success,

But it's more about persistence.



No matter how you choose, as long as it is your own choice, there is no right or wrong and no need to regret. The past you won't satisfy the present you, and the present you won't satisfy the future you. Had the courage to choose, have the courage to bear the consequences.


Can enter an university at the outset not easy, and I like petroleum very much, the petroleum institute that the first choice fills namely, and be petroleum engineering major! After graduation, I have been working in petroleum engineering. Since I chose this major, I have to do my current job well and be responsible for myself. So I don't regret it!


Stars do not ask the road, time does not dream. Nothing to regret, since the choice of this road, kneeling to go. It is no use complaining or regretting. Take things as they come, that is, youth will never return. Can't afford a house, no girlfriend, no home.


There is no good regret, choose a line of love line, come on!


When I was busy at the well site, I usually went home once a month or two. When I finished my work for a day and lay in bed, I missed my children and my family very much, I would feel regretful and guilty. As if in a night not how to accompany them, the children grew up, the parents suddenly gray hair. And I didn't make enough money to make them better off.


Do not regret the young people will do a line, love a line dare to struggle dare to struggle although the environment is difficult but as long as there is a dream in the heart is not afraid of any difficulties


No regrets, since the choice of oil, we must work hard to go on.


Choose their own, there is no regret, no matter how hard and tired to go forward.


Never regret, life bit by bit, to achieve the final appearance.


They range from the generation of oilers who lived through the long boom to the generation of 90-year-olds just entering the industry. Some of them have entered the oil industry with a sincere heart, do not know what regrets. There are occasional moments of mental instability.

On the whole, oilmen's recognition of the industry, though toilsome, remains high. Others who have left the industry sometimes look on with envy. Every industry has its ups and downs, but the good news is that they've been working hard.

Speaking from the heart, have you ever regretted entering the oil industry? You are welcome to leave a message in the background and chat with the oilmen in the industry.

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