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Mother's day, don't forget to say happy holidays to your mother

There is always a place, silently will support us;

There is always a person, we have nothing to report;

There is always a love, let us tears.

This place is called home.

This is a woman named mom.

This kind of love is called maternal love.

Where is your mother on mother's day?

Not around, in the heart

Mother in, happiness in, care in

A mother's love is always the warmest and sweetest

Go home, can call "mom"

That's really going home. That's happiness

We grew up all the way

Food, clothing, use

That's not mother's blood

Grow up, we are still the mother's child

What a mother CARES about most is her child

Wronged, go home

In the mother's arms sa jiao, all right

Cry in front of the mother, the heart is easy

Mother knows best what you think

Life, the real friend, is the mother!

We are always very busy

Busy working, busy networking

Push back on your plans to spend time with your parents

Mom and dad are always there

There will be plenty of opportunities later

But we don't realize it

They have aged rapidly in such neglect

Say these words to your mother often

Do you know

Is mother's day this year?

What about this year's mother's day?

I used to buy a bunch of carnations and send them home on time. I used to use a greeting phone and always felt ritual.

And mama always said don't waste money...

Still adhering to the habits of the student days, in this day to choose a suitable for the elderly supplies sent home, always feel that this may be the most practical.

And mama always said I couldn't use it...

Write your love to your mother in your friend circle when your friend is most active, with a picture of your mother when she was young, welcome thumb up.

And your mom might be in your group

You can't see your circle of friends

We often talk about how to spend quality time with our children, but we never think about how to spend quality time with our mothers.

Take advantage of mother's day, do some small things, let the mother also enjoy our care!

Heartfelt reminder:

Centrealoil people far away from home

Mother's day is coming

Don't forget to tell mom

Happy holidays!



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