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Centrealoil--Medium-high temperature organic boron crosslinker

Product introduction:

The product is applied to medium-high temperature (90-120) reservoir fracturing,and It is crosslinked with guanidine gum and its derivatives to produce a high strength gel.

The product is synthesized from boron compound, polyhydroxy organic complexes and multiple carboxyl organic complexes by reactions .The crosslinking ratio range of fracturing operation is(100:0.3-0.5), It has the features of low filtration, good prop-carrying capacity, excellent temperature-tolerate and shear-tolerate properties, low damage to reservoir and so on.

The main technical index:

Appearance: light yellow to yellow liquid

Solubility: It is miscible with water in any ratio

Delayed crosslinking time : time is adjustable within 1 to 3 minutes

Temperature resistant capacity:120

Crosslinked state: Available pick hanging with glass rod



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