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Centrealoil-- well cement retarder

Product introduction:

The product is used for adjusting the solid slurry thickening time, improve construction safety.

Super adsorption groups in the product strongly adsorb on the surface of the cement particles, forming a dense protective layer to prevent water molecules free access to cement particle surface layer, and then reduce the hydration speed. At the same time retarder molecules have strong chelating ability to Ca2+ produced by cement hydration, hinder the growth of micronucleus of hydration products, also reached the purpose of inhibiting hydration, so as to have efficient delayed coagulation.

The main technical index:

Appearance: light yellow or brown liquid

Thickening line shape: normal

Thickening time adjustability: adjustable

Initial consistency: 25BC

The time from 40Bc to100Bc: 30min

Compressive resistance within 24h: 14MPa

Operating temperature range: 30180BHCT


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