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 Centrealoil--Recycled clean fracturing fluid

With the development of horizontal well fracturing and volume fracturing, the large-scale fracturing has become the main technology in oilfield development, but the flowback liquid waste disposal after fracturing has become the bottleneck of large-scale fracturing, especially in recent years, the environmental protection law has put forward higher requirements on the flowback liquid of oil field development. On the basis of cleaning fracturing fluid, through a year and a half technical innovation,  the recycled clean fracturing fluid technology has produced by our company.

Recycled clean fracturing fluid has abandoned strong cationic properties of quaternary ammonium salt of long-chain fatty acid in the conventional clean fracturing fluid, using the DE DOVO design method to form multi branched, multilocus, reversible amphiphilic amphoteric surfactant, composite special surfactant enhanced agent, forming a recyclable clean fracturing fluid. The fracturing fluid has unique features of reversible crosslinked and reused, also has excellent viscoelastic behavior, no residue, low friction and low damage, and it can be achieved directly mixed convenient and quick construction way, especially suitable for cluster wells dense oil fields, large-scale fracturing (such as horizontal well fracturing volume, separate layer fracturing, etc.) as well as areas of high environmental protection requirements. The technology has been applied in domestic oilfields more than 10 well group over 40 well times, and the result shows that it has remarkable effects on water conservation, emission reduction and increase production.


Can realize direct mixing, without mixing liquid, convenient construction, saving operating cycle

Without residue and water insoluble substance, the system is automatically gel breaking when encountering            oil and water

Strong carrying capacity and low operating friction

The damage to reservoir is small, does not affect fracture conductivity

The recovery utilization rate of the flowback liquid is high, and has obvious advantages in environmental                   protection

The applicable temperature for reservoir is less than or equal to 90.


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