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 Centrealoil--High temperature weighted fracturing fluid

With the progress of exploration and development technology, oil and gas development is constantly to the high temperature deep reservoir. This kind of the reservoir has the characteristics of high formation temperature, deep buried, high fracture pressure. When fracturing wellhead pressure is high, almost more than the pressure limiting of equipment construction. For abnormal fracture pressure reservoir, due to tight oil and gas reservoir development, strong tectonic stress effect, high formation pore pressure, higher the formation fracture pressure and fracture extension pressure, these will cause the ground construction pressure is too high, some even more than the bearing capacity of the ground equipment and will have to stop the construction. Experts at home and abroad believe that reducing the fracturing fluid friction and increasing the fracturing fluid hydrostatic pressure are effective tools to reduce construction of wellhead pressure. Because the weighting agent can increase the proportion of fracturing fluid, at the same time it will affect the fracturing fluid thickener swelling, viscosity and temperature resistance. By the development of weighting agent and crosslinking agent types, our company has formed a set of high temperature weighted fracturing fluid system. The system can satisfy 150 temperature resistance, aggravating the proportion is as high as 1.36g/ml, aided by adding additives such as the crosslinking agent, temperature stabilizer. The high temperature weighted fracturing fluid has the characteristics of excellent temperature-tolerate and shear-tolerate, strong proppant-carrying capacity, gel breaking thoroughly. The technology provides guarantee for the fracturing transformation of abnormal high pressure and high temperature wells. The technology in the application of domestic oilfield is more than 5 wells , and has obvious yield-increasing effect.


The system aggravating the proportion is as high as 1.36g/ml.

The system has good rheological properties,  the temperature tolerance is as high as 90 .

The system can gel breaking thoroughly, little influence on fracture conductivity.

The system has strong proppant-carrying capacity, can meet (witnin145) reservoir reconstruction                         requirements.

Compared with the same conventional weighted fracturing fluid system, it has the characteristics of low cost.


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